It is our pleasure to invite you to the first SSH-Diagnostic Meeting of the Swiss Society of Hematology (SSH-DM).

This two-day meeting is designed to contribute to the clinical use of all available resources in the diagnostic field of hematology and will include the traditional Microscopy Course, meetings on hemostasis, flow cytometry, and molecular hematology, plenary debate sessions on hematological diagnosis and keynote lectures with invited guest speakers.

At the end of the first meeting day, there will be a SSH Review of the EHA 2021 session, where hematologists from Switzerland will present important results of the EHA Congress 2021.

Due to the lasting impacts of the global Covid-19 pandemic, the committee of the SSH-DM  has decided to change the congress format to a fully digital SSH-Diagnostic Meeting. The new format addresses the uncertainties on safety restrictions, travelling and the herewith associated planning difficulties. This decision was not taken lightly, indeed with reluctance. However, the highest priority of the SSH and the committee is to hold the meeting this year and to ensure the post-graduate and continuous education.

The meeting is intended for physicians, pathologists, geneticists, specialists in molecular hematology and immunologists as well as biologists with specialized knowledge in hematological diagnostics, specialists in laboratory medical analytics FAMH, biomedical analysts (BMA), students and any person interested in the clinical diagnosis of the different fields of hematology.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in June!